All About Us


About 6 years ago, I decided to transition to a plant-based lifestyle; I discovered Dr.Sebi and all of his amazing research and teachings. From that moment on I learned as much as I possibly could from his lectures and research. Especially his research on INTRAcellular cleansing and what it means to cleanse and rejuvenate our cells from the inside out without killing or further damaging them.

This is a MAJOR key in ridding your body of ANY disease known to man. From there on, I gained further knowledge on many different alkaline herbs, fruits and vegetables that aid in intracellular cleansing. I learned of herbs, fruits and vegetables that give cleanse, detoxify and give your body life and energy! While also learning of the common foods that we eat on a daily basis that are killing us slowly.
From there on, I started to focus on the individual properties that certain herbs have. I felt it was one of my purposes to teach others that real change comes from the inside out. To teach others that we must understand our bodies on a cellular level. So that we can always be in a position to heal ourselves and the people around us.

Ive learned what is necessary for our body to function optimally, acquiring the knowledge that there are 102 minerals that make up and sustain the human body. Ive researched and consumed some of the most powerful herbs and vegetables to find the right combination for The Mineral Shop. Now here we are 102 of the 102 minerals your body needs in one convenient gummy.