About Us


The journey of The Mineral Shop started 6 years ago when I took a big step to transition into a vegan lifestyle. This decision came after discovering information about the foods that we eat and how they have been impacting our bodies since birth.

I discovered that almost 90% of the food that most of the US population consumes on a daily basis is toxic and disease forming. In a country where we deal with so much heart ache due to ourselves and loved ones being diagnosed with life threading diseases, this brought me a lot of discomfort. Especially if when I realized that they are so many healthy, delicious and beneficial replacements to the toxic foods that we eat.
This when I decided to dedicate my life’s work to researching and teaching others what our body really needed to flourish, rid dis-ease and maintain optimal health like god intended.
During my research I came across my different teachings; doctors and scholarly journals to pull resources from. The one that really sparked my attention was Dr.Sebi and his research on intra-cellular cleansing and what it means to cleanse and rejuvenate our cells from the inside out without killing or further damaging them.
I saw how important this truly was when it comes to successfully healing the body, starving diseases while still maintain the structure of our body. From there on, I gained further knowledge PH level of every organ in our body as well as our blood. This research brought me to the knowing that on alkaline herbs, fruits and vegetables are more beneficial than acid foods when it comes to intra-cellular cleansing.
One of the main reasons is because our blood is alkaline and our blood runs through every organ of the body. When our blood is toxic it creates a breeding ground for a host of parasites, bacteria and viruses to flourish. From there on I discovered herbs, fruits and vegetables that give cleanse, detoxify and heal the body while giving it life and energy!
I then started to focus on the individual properties and minerals that certain herbs have. I studied the chemistry and mineral makeup of different herbs to get a definite understanding of what herbs pair well together. This was imperative when it came to fulfilling one of my purposes of teaching others that real change and healing comes from the inside out. To teach others that we must know what minerals and nutrients are needed to heal our bodies on a cellular level. So that we can always be in a position to heal ourselves and the people around us.
I've learned what is necessary for our body to function optimally, acquiring the knowledge that there are 102 essential and trace minerals that make up and sustain the human body. I've researched and consumed some of the most powerful herbs and vegetables to find the right combination for The Mineral Shop. Now here we are 102 of the 102 minerals your body needs in one convenient gummy.